I started this vehicle legislation site/blog for a couple of reasons:

– There is not another free site/blog that provides comprehensive coverage of vehicle legislation developments for multiple countries. There are sites that provide information on the USA, but most are offered by Consultancies for a fee.

– This is what I spend the majority of my week doing, so would like to share my knowledge with individuals that are interested and can benefit from it.

– In addition to my LinkedIn profile, I intend to use this site as a resume for potential opportunities with manufacturers and independent consultants in the future.

– Lastly, I enjoy this field tremendously.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for a comprehensive summary of my experience and skills.

In a nutshell:
After completing a 4 year technical apprenticeship with Land Rover, I worked as an Emissions test engineer at a Conformity of Production facility. In 2005, I moved to Aston Martin to work in the Legislation & Certification department. Over the next couple of years I gained experience in homologation/certification activities for the major markets (USA, Canada, EU, ECE, ADR etc). After this period of training I developed a new position in the department covering future legislation and market development. During this time I represented the company in several technical committees at automotive associations (SMMT, AIAM etc) and successfully lobbied the USA and ECE for provisions in new legislation. I became the departments representative on a New Market development team, leading the research and homologation activities required for potential new markets (Brazil, Chile, Taiwan and South Korea). Other activities included Conformity of Production and providing legislative information for the Business Strategy department for future projects.

In 2010 i decided to take a sabbatical, so made the hard decision and left Aston Martin. After an amazing journey i settled in Melbourne, Australia where i completed a number of short term contracts including Ford of Australia and Bufori Motors in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2012 I relocated to San Francisco, California to start a position at Tesla Motor as Senior Homologation Engineer working on the Model S.

Personal activities:

I am a keen traveller, spending a large proportion of the last 18 months travelling around Asia – seeing areas of natural beauty and learning about local foods and cultures. I combined this with my other interests  of food/wine, camping, trekking, rock climbing and taking train journeys. I also have interests in technology, science, motor sport and the automotive industry.

As my background is in passenger vehicles (M1), I will limit the content of this site to that segment. However, I may post about other vehicle categories if I think they are relevant.


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