Mobile Air Conditioning – 1234yf safety

Daimler have published a press release after internal safety testing showed that 1234yf refrigerant could become flammable under certain real life conditions.

Previous testing of 1234yf at manufacturers and test laboratories showed that it was safe. Daimler have passed on these results to the EU Commission.

Daimler have also started a recall in the US for the refrigerant. Go to and type 12V478000 as the campaign number.

EU Directive 2006/40 requires new types of vehicles after 1st January 2011 and all vehicles after 1st January 2017 to be fitted with an air conditioning system that uses a refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) less than 150. R134a is approx 1300 and 1234yf is 4.

In addition, the Commission published a letter ( that deals with the shortage of 1234 yf.


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