EURO VI amendments published

The EU Commission has published EU Regulation 459/2012 in the Official Journal that amends several aspects of the EURO VI requirements in Regulations 715/2007 and 692/2008.

Particulate Number (PN):

  • PN for postive ignition engines has been set at 6.0 × 1011
    • This only applies to direct injection engines
    • Until 01/09/2017 for new types and 01/09/2018 for all registrations a manufacturer may apply the limit of 6.0 × 1012. . By that time a test procedure will be published by the Commission.

On-board Diagnostics (OBD):

  •  Harmonisation with Californian Air Resources Board (CARB) 2013MY OBD requirements but with additional 3 years leadtime. Preliminary OBD requirements will apply until that time (see below)
  • More stringent OBD thresholds for CO, NMHC, Particulate mass and PN will be evaluated at a later time after an environmental and technical feasibility study has been completed.

OBD level 6-1

  • Applicable 01/09/2014 for new types and 01/09/2015 for registrations.
  • Preliminary requirements.
  • Lower thresholds for NOX and Particulate Mass.

OBD level 6-2

  • Applicable 01/09/2017 for new types and 01/09/2018 for registrations
  • More stringent NOX and Particulate Mass.
  • Possibility of PN threshold following review by Commission.

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