Australia Emissions & Fuel Consumption Labelling amendments.

On 15th May 2012, 3 legislative instruments were published in the Australian Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) which amends ADR 79 – Emissions and ADR 81 – Fuel Consumption labelling;

ADR 79/03 Amendment 1:

Amends ADR 79/03 to correct a minor drafting error in clause 5.6 to clarify the petrol reference fuel that flex fuel ethanol vehicles are required to use for the Type VI test.

(ADR 79/03 adopts Euro V requirements for new models from 01/11/2013)

ADR 79/04 Amendment 1:

Amends ADR 79/04 to allow all flex fuel ethanol vehicles to comply with the hydrocarbon emission limits applicable to the heaviest category of light commercial vehicles when performing the Type VI (low temperature cold start) test on ethanol (E75), and adds an ethanol (E75) reference fuel specification for flex fuel ethanol vehicles to use for the purposes of the Type VI test.

(ADR 79/04 adopts remaining ECE R83/06 Euro V requirements for all vehicles from 01/11/2016)

ADR 81/02 Amendment 6:

Amends ADR 81/02 to allow manufacturers to submit fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions data based on the technical requirements of the latest versions of UN Regulation 101 and UN Regulation 83 based on Euro 5 test procedures.


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