Lane Departure Warning Systems & Advanced Emergency Braking Systems

The EU Commission published 2 Regulations in the Official Journal that implement 2 aspects of 661/2009 – General Safety Regulation;

The regulations are applicable to M2, N2, M3 & N3 category vehicles.

347/2012 – Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS)

AEBS employ sensors to monitor the proximity of the vehicle in front and detect situations where the relative speed and distance between the two vehicles suggest that a collision is imminent. In such a situation, emergency braking can be automatically applied to avoid the collision or at least to mitigate its effects.

351/2012 – Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS)

Vehicles will require a LDWS that detects when the vehicle deviates from the lane or is about to deviate and warns the driver with an acoustic, optical or haptic warning.


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