EU Small Series – Proposed Amendments

A proposal as been published on CIRCA for an amendment to Annexes IV and XII of 2007/46/EC. This will be discussed at the 27th TCMV meeting on 16th April 2012.

Notable changes from current EU Small Series requirements;

  • Applicability: It has been expanded to N1 vehicles with a limit of 1000 vehicles per type, per year.
  • Emissions: an OBD system that meets Article 4(1) & (2) of 692/2008. i.e. designed to record malfunctions. It must also be capable of communicating with common diagnostic tools.
  • Braking: ESC and BAS are not required. However, if fitted must meet the requirements of Annex 9 of ECE R13H.
  • Protective Steering: 48 km/h barrier impact required unless vehicle meets ECE R94.
  • Lighting installation: Confirms that DRLs are required for new types.
  • TPMS: Not required.
  • Front Impact: If a vehicle is fitted with front airbags, a 56 km/h ODB test is required.
  • Side Impact: Manufacturer must provide data to show if possible impact of a dummies head against interior structure or laminated glazing. If contact is likely, the Annex 8 partial test head impact shall be performed and the head performance criteria shall be less than 1000.
  • Mobile Air Conditioning: Refrigerants with a GWP >150 are now permitted until 31st December 2016.
  • Compliance levels: Criteria for A, B & C have been clarified. Level D has been added – statement of compliance from manufacturer (currently only specified for Vehicle Access and Manoeuvrability)

This proposal (once adopted) will apply from 1st November 2012 for new types. Current Small Series approvals must be updated by 1st November 2016.


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