Canadian Occupant Protection

On 11th February, the Canadian Department of Transport published a Part I proposal in the Canada Gazette proposing changes to a number of CMVSS that cover frontal impact requirments.

CMVSS 208:

  • Adopting combined lap and shoulder seat belts at the inboard rear position of vehicles under 4 536 kg gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR);
  • Modifying the 50th percentile male rigid barrier crash by
    • increasing the test speed from 48 km/h to 56 km/h,
    • adopting neck injury criteria, and
    • eliminating the head acceleration requirement;
  • Adopting the 5th percentile female rigid barrier and offset deformable barrier requirements and test procedures; and
  • Adopting the out-of-position driver and passenger requirements and test procedures.

While most of Canadian safety standard 208 would be aligned with the United States standard, areas that would remain unique to Canada include

  • no requirement for unbelted barrier testing;
  • no chest acceleration requirement; and
  • unique barrier chest deflection limits for all vehicles up to 3 856 kg GVWR:
    • 55 mm for the 50th percentile male (63 mm in the United States), and
    • 45 mm for the 5th percentile female (52 mm in the United States).
If adopted this proposal would apply from 1st September 2014.
CMVSS 204: Proposes to exempt vehicles that meet CMVSS 208 from the steering wheel intrusion test.
There are also administrative updates to CMVSS 203, 204, 212 and 219.

Link to Part I: Canada Gazette – Regulations Amending the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (Interpretation, Section 18 and Standards 203, 204, 208, 212 and 219).


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