FMVSS 114 Proposal – Theft Prevention.

On 12th December 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for FMVSS 114 – Theft Prevention in the Federal Register. See 76FR – 77183.

This NPRM is in response to a number of reports from the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) and aims to prevent further safety issues with vehicles fitted with keyless ignition systems. The reports list concerns in 3 areas;

  • Inability to stop a moving vehicle in a panic situation
  • Rollaway – leaving a vehicle not in ‘park’
  • Leaving the vehicle with the vehicle propulsion system unintentionally left active (potenial carbon monoxide poisioning)

Keyless systems are available on an increasing number of vehicles and NHTSA are concerned that there is little commonality between the operation of the systems that are leading to the safety issues listed. The SAE have published a recommended practice, but NHTSA feel that standardising the systems using FMVSS 114 will help to improve safety.

NHTSA proposes the following changes to FMVSS 114 in order to mitigate the safety issues;

  • Add a new definition for ‘key code carrying device’ and ‘stop control’
  • Standardises the amount of time (>500ms) a stop control is pressed before the engine is stopped regardless if the vehicle is stationary or in motion.
  • Vehicles with keyless systems must comply with the audible warning (when door is opened) provision in S5.1.3
  • New audible warning when a stop control is pressed and the transmission is not in Park, and vehicle speed <15 km/h.
  • New audible warning from exterior of vehicle for 1 second if the driver has left the vehicle with the key and the vehicle engine is running.

NHTSA propose that these changes (if adopted) will apply on the next 1st September 2 years after the publication date. Given an average of 12 months between NPRM and Final Rule, i would anticipate this requirement to be applicable from 1st September 2015.

Comments can be submitted into the docket (NHTSA–2011–0174) up to 12th March 2012. – See Links page for website address to veiw dockets.




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